Welcome to JTK Harmonics, maker of true-bypass premium guitar effects for the discerning guitarist (i.e. those who still have their hearing!). We offer a complete line of overdrives to suit the needs of a wide range of players — from Blues, Texas Blues, through Classic, Traditional, and Hard Rock. The guitar effects have been carefully designed to accentuate the dynamics, phrasing, and subtleties of a player’s performance, allowing the natural sound of the guitarist, the guitar, and amp to shine through, yet still impart a natural and pleasant coloration to the tone. What that means is that if you already have a killer tone … you’ll get a killer tone X 2!

We offer 4 distinct types of true-bypass overdrives:





Each pedal is tailored for a specific sonic signature, with optimal player response. Click on the image to explore the pedal, or see them all in the PRODUCTS section. Or compare their sound in the SOUND CLIPS section and hear for yourself why these offer unparalleled sound, and are Modern Mojo Defined™